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Partner with us to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic financial markets. Our technology-driven approach ensures that both your FIAT and DIGITAL ASSETS are managed with precision. Based in Mauritius, our team offers strategic guidance and operational support to optimize your treasury functions and payment systems. We focus on creating partnerships that leverage our expertise across all asset types, helping you achieve sustainable financial success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Treasury Management

Leverage our deep expertise in treasury management to secure and grow your institutional assets. Operating from Mauritius, we offer customized solutions that enhance asset performance, minimize risks, and improve financial efficiency through strategic planning and innovative financial tools.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Cash and liquidity management are critical treasury functions to ensure the smooth running and financial stability of any organization and maintaining the right level of cash helps to guard against unforeseen events.
The Company will provide payment processing solutions with a view to optimize the treasury function of the client and will assist the clients to make payments to third parties based on the instruction of the clients.

Executive Team


Bachelor of Commerce (1993) and majors in Economics & Industrial Psychology. Glen has 25+ years experience as a fund and securities portfolio manager.


25+ Years experience leading business in the financial sector along with a masters in Global Financial Services.


30+ Years assisting financial business achieve their goals with executive experience at Citco, MATCO, and Mauri Experta.

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